2020 Toyota Trucks


When you combine the intelligent engineering of a Toyota pickup with the ingenious thinking of a Toyota truck driver, you get something extraordinary. You get Acts of Truck.

North America built and backed by over 80 years of global truck heritage, Toyota pickups are your trusted sidekick. Ready, willing and able to help with your Acts of Truck.


Forged from 80 years of global truck heritage, the 2020 Tacoma is your willing partner no matter where your travels take you.Choose from 8 distinctly bold and capable Access Cab and Double Cab models. Then raise your game with one of nine available packages including TRD Sport Premium, TRD Off Road Premium and TRD Pro.

Tacoma TRD Pro

Created to rule the outdoors, it’s the 4x4 sport truck that is rewriting all of the off-road rules.

Tacoma Accessories

Pickup truck accessories let you build a Tacoma that was made for you.

Pre-Owned & Certified Used Tacomas

Winner of multiple Retained Value Awards, year after year, Tacoma is the best pickup truck choice for pre-owned buyers.


Tundra is a full-size pickup truck that works as hard as you do. Available in 4x2 and 4x4 configurations, with Double and CrewMax Cabs, Tundra is built for your Acts of Truck.

Tundra TRD Pro

Designed for serious off-road fun, Tundra TRD Pro steps up its game with a series of exclusive TRD features inside and out. Available on Tundra 4x4 Doublecab SR5 Plus 5.7L, and 4x4 Crewmax SR5 Plus 5.7L.

Tundra Accessories

Whether your Tundra is for work or play, customize it for your life.

Pre-Owned & Certified Used Tundras

Winner of multiple Retained Value Awards, Tundra is the pre-owned choice for used pickup truck buyers.