Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs

1. Five Rib Design:
Prevents flashover and decreases voltage loss

2. Insulator:
Made of highly purified alumina powder for superior strength and thermal conductivity

3. Resistor:
Prevents interference with on-board electronics

4. U-Groove Ground Electrode:
Develops a larger spark for improved performance

5. Machine Rolled Threads:
For trouble-free installation and removal

Ignite the compressed air/fuel mixture, creating engine power.
Must be able to fire up to 60 times per second, and last for thousands of kilometres.

Contributes to the proper combustion of fuel for optimum performance, maximum fuel efficiency, low emissions, and faster cold weather starts.

Subjected to tremendous pressure and heat (400-900°C).

Electrode tip gradually erodes and performance suffers.

Carbon deposits from combustion contaminate the tips over time, reducing efficiency.

Result is hard starting, loss of power, higher fuel consumption and increased emissions.

Spark plugs should be replaced according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule or whenever required.