Toyota Genuine Mufflers

1. Capacity:
The size of a Toyota Genuine muffler is matched to your vehicle. A muffler with the incorrect capacity can result in increased noise or reduced performance

2. Proper Back Pressure:
For optimum performance and fuel economy

3. Welded One-Piece Assembly:
Means less corrosion and a better fit

4. Durability:
Constructed from rugged stainless or galvanized steel for high corrosion resistance and long life

5. Supports:
The supports and reinforcements are strong enough to eliminate vibrations

Help minimize exhaust noise and vibration.

Help tune exhaust back pressure for efficient engine performance.

Help direct heat and exhaust gases away from vehicle.

Even though the original equipment muffler will offer you years of trouble free driving; over time heat, vibration, road salt and moisture wear out and corrode your muffler.

Vehicle will typically start to sound different prior to failure.

Coverage on a replacement muffler is 12 months or 20,000 kilometres.

Unlike others, our warranty includes all bolts and gaskets required to install the muffler.

Toyota mufflers are complete assemblies