Toyota wiper blades and windshield washer fluid are specially designed to keep you safe on the road.

Toyota Genuine Beam Blades

These all-weather blades are designed for increased wiping capability. The use of premium rubber coated with Teflon ensures your beam blades last longer.


Toyota Genuine Conventional Wiper Blades

Engineered to contribute to a quiet, noise-free ride, the Toyota Genuine Conventional Wiper Blades distribute the pressure evenly across the blade. They are made of tensile strength steel and natural rubber, and with a pre-assembled universal mount, they are easy to install.


Toyota Hybrid Wiper Blades

The Toyota Hybrid Wiper Blades provide the high performance of a beam blade plus offer the extra protection of a hinged shell encasing the wiper. These innovative wiper blades not only offer better performance but also have a modern "crossover" style.


Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades

Extreme winter conditions can dangerously reduce your visibility. With Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades, you can keep snow, ice and slush off your windshield. It includes a sleek, wedge-shaped spoiler to help remove ice buildup and loose snow from your windshield.


Toyota Touch Windshield Washer Fluid

A premium -40°C all-season windshield washer fluid and antifreeze that is specifically formulated to reduce streaks and promote smooth wiper blade travel.