Oil & Filters


Keep your engine running at its best and protect it with Toyota Motor Oils and Filters.


Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is specially designed to prolong the life of your vehicle by preventing your engine from being damaged by excessive heat or wearing caused by the friction between contact surfaces. Talk to our service department to know which type of oil is the right for your vehicle.


Toyota Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil

Toyota Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil is engineered explicitly for your Toyota. The blend of synthetic elements with higher purity and quality than conventional oil protects your engine and ensure its best performance.

Toyota Genuine Oil Filters

Use Toyota Genuine Oil Filters to keep your engine safe from contaminants that may circulate in the oil through your engine.


Toyota Genuine Air Filters

Dust and other particles can obstruct your air filter, reducing the amount of air that your engine receives. That can lead to reduced fuel economy and more emissions. Use Toyota Genuine Engine Filters specially designed for your Toyota to keep your motor working at its best.


Toyota Genuine Cabin Filters

Toyota Genuine Cabin Filters are made from high-quality fibres that keep unwanted particles away from the cabin, improving the efficiency of the HVAC system and the quality of the air inside the cabin.


Toyota Premium Charcoal Filter

Toyota Premium Charcoal Filters use an extra layer of activated carbon that reduces unpleasant odours inside the cabin.


Toyota Engine Oil System Cleaner

Toyota Engine Oil System Cleaner helps to eliminate oil sludge, carbon deposits and varnishes, protecting the engine's components and helping improve the lubrication system. Also, it helps to restore the engine compression.