Batteries & Belts


Ensure the right performance of the electric system of your vehicle with Toyota Premium Batteries. Keep an efficient and smooth power transfer with Toyota Genuine Belts.

Toyota Premium Batteries

Every specification of a Toyota Premium Battery, such as reserve capacity or cold-cranking amps, is tailored to ensure the optimal performance of your Toyota model.


Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play a significant role in the performance of your engine. The right spark plug for your vehicle contributes to optimize fuel efficiency and performance and reduce emissions.

Toyota Genuine Timing Belts

The timing belt controls that engine's valves open and close at the proper time during the combustion process. A synchronized operation is critical to ensure an efficient engine operation. Over time, the timing belt can fail, due to cracks and wear caused by constant stretch, and can stop your engine or even cause significant internal damage. That is why it is recommended to follow the maintenance schedule to take care of your timing belt.