Toyota Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

2022 Toyota Mirai

Toyota Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) have been gaining recognition as the industry shifts towards clean energy. Powered by hydrogen, FCEVs offer longer range and C02 emission free driving. The only thing coming out of the tailpipe of a hydrogen powered vehicle is water.

Hydrogen is a readily abundant element, and is produced easily and efficiently. Toyota’s commitment to sustainability makes hydrogen powered vehicles a no-brainer.

A common worry about FCEVs is the safety of using hydrogen as fuel source. Toyota has addressed these concerns with intelligently engineered tanks and storing fuel outside of the cabin of the vehicle. Toyota’s commitment to safety is a fundamental aspect of the design process, complimented by Toyota Safety Sense features.

A challenge to the scalability of FCEVs is the fueling infrastructure. Historically, hydrogen refueling stations have not been commonplace, however, as we’ve seen with battery charging infrastructure scaling rapidly, it is safe to assume that we can expect the same with hydrogen.

Although a step towards sustainability, battery powered vehicles have sustainability challenges, including the mining of rare-earth minerals that are in high-demand for other industries, and present concerns regarding upstream C02 emissions in the production process.  Toyota’s investment in Fuel Cell Electric vehicles offers a diversified approach to environmentally friendly manufacturing, and reducing total-lifecycle emissions.

Toyota has designed and brought to market the first mass-produced FCEV – the Toyota Mirai. Currently available only in select markets that are supported by a refueling infrastructure, we can expect the Mirai and future FCEV vehicles to become commonplace in the coming years with increased investment hydrogen refueling. With 75% market share in the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle market, we can expect for Toyota to remain a leader in hydrogen powered and alternative energy vehicles.