Kinto Share

Hourly Car Rentals When You’re In For Service


$10.98 Per Hour +HST

Fuel is included, pricing based on an hourly rate.

What Is Kinto Share?

Access to Hourly Car Rentals has never been so easy.

KINTO Share Service Loaners are a new offering for our service guests. The Kinto Share program is flexible and gives you access to rent a range of Toyota vehicles hourly while your vehicle is being serviced. Kinto Share vehicles are conscientiously sanitized and maintained by our service team so you can drive safely with confidence. As an added bonus, fuel is always included!

Fast, No Touch, Digital Registration

No Hassle

Your Phone Is Your Key

No Obligations To Refuel

Get Going In Minutes!

How do I get access to the Vehicle?

Next time you book a service appointment, simply let us know that you would like to rent a Kinto Share vehicle.

Available Hybrid Vehicles


$10.98 Per Hour +HST


$12.98 Per Hour +HST

How Does It All Work?

1)  If you would like to reserve a Kinto Share vehicle for your next service appointment, simply tell your appointment Coordinator that you would like to rent a Kinto Share vehicle. Plan ahead, and book a vehicle up to 30 days before your service appointment.

2) Our Appointment Coordinators will walk you through the steps of downloading the KINTO App, and getting things set up for your upcoming Service Appointment.

3) When you arrive at Thornhill Toyota for your service appointment, you'll be ready to unlock your Kinto Share rental vehicle located on our lot. You'll be able to unlock and start the Kinto Share vehicle all from your phone - no keys required!. You'll be all set to run errands, head home, or enjoy your rental while our Service Team looks after your vehicle.

Which vehicles are available in KINTO Share?
KINTO Share at Thornhill Toyota features the latest in Toyota quality, predominantly hybrid models including the RAV4, and Prius.

How do I register?
Please contact a Thornhill Toyota Service Coordinator if you require assistance registering. Once approved, you'll be ready to hit the road and use your Kinto Share rental vehicle.

How far in advance can I reserve the vehicle?

We will reserve the vehicle for you, up to 30 days before your next service maintenance appointment.

Is this a Toyota service?

Kinto Share is Toyota's way to make a short-term rental available to you when you're in for service. We are pleased to be one of the first dealerships offering Kinto share as an alternative vehicle loaner vehicle.

Are the vehicles sanitized?

All Kinto Share vehicles are cleaned and sanitized regularly, in addition to being serviced and maintained according to manufacturer guidelines, and provincial standards.

Are the vehicles insured?

If you are currently insured with a valid policy, your existing policy may be the primary insurance in the case of an accident - similar to when you're driving your own vehicle.

What kind of checks will you perform?

We will check your driver's license to check for validity. The main requirements that we will be looking for are a valid G Class driver's license in Ontario, that you are 21 years of age, and that you have at least one year's driving experience.

If you would like to learn more about Kinto Share please visit