Buying Your First New Car

Buying a new car can seem a little scary. Thankfully, Toyota is here to help. Below is a step by step process, that you can follow, to get inside of your very own Toyota. First, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Consider Your Options

No two people are alike, so ask the right questions to narrow down which vehicle makes the most sense for you.

Who will be in the car with you?

Are you single? Do you have a young family? Or perhaps a pet? Maybe you’ll need a vehicle that can accommodate a car seat, or at least multiple people. These can all influence the right purchase for you.

Where do you live?

Living downtown or in a residential neighbourhood? Depending on your location and parking situation, some cars may be a better fit than others...literally.

Where do you drive?

What does your morning commute look like? Are you driving through the city? Or perhaps on the highway? Consider what you’ll need in terms of fuel efficiency (4‑cylinder vs. V6). For rough terrain or winter conditions perhaps you prefer All‑wheel or 4‑wheel drive to front‑wheel drive.

What are your “must-haves”?

What’s important to you on a brand new vehicle? Hybrid powertrain? Leather or fabric interior? Heated seats? Or the versatility of split/folding rear seats? Make sure you put together your list of the things you can’t do without.

2. Do Your Homework!

The pre-buying process can be a little overwhelming, but Toyota makes it easier for you to access the right information. Here are the most notable things you’ll need to research beforehand:



We know you’re trying to narrow down your options to decide which vehicle is best for you. To help, we use a third-party called ChromeData, to deliver a clear and unbiased comparison between Toyota and competitor vehicles. One of the main benefits of a driving new car is peace-of-mind protection - like Toyota’s 3 Year/60,000 km Comprehensive Warranty and Roadside Assistance, or 8 year/160,000 Hybrid Component coverage. View Warranty & Coverage for details.


Lease or Finance

Unsure whether Leasing or Financing is better for you? Visit our Toyota Financial Services section to learn about the advantages that each option can provide. When you’re ready to take the next step, submit an online Credit Application and get a response within 2 business days. You can send your Approval Certificate to the Toyota dealership of your choice, or print it and bring it with you.

Number Crunching


Nothing like a tailored fit. Digitally build the right Toyota for you - selecting your model, options, colours, accessories and optional coverage. Or let us help you get started with suggested configurations. To provide exceptional value, your Build & Price estimate includes the offers and incentives available through our exciting Toyota Promotions. Toyota dealers are free to set their own prices, so once you’ve worked out a Build & Price estimate, share your configuration with a Toyota dealer to Request a Quote. A brand new Toyota not fitting your budget? Thankfully, Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) are the affordable alternative. Discover a pre-owned vehicle that meets your needs.


3. Let’s Go Shopping!

Your local Toyota dealer is the best resource available to help guide you through the buying process. Need a Product Advisor immediately? You can also speak to a dealer online.


Take a Test Drive

The Test Drive is your opportunity to ensure your vehicle meets all of your requirements. Try out the vehicle turning radius, test how braking and acceleration perform on the road. Sit in the front and back seats to be sure they provide comfort and versatility. Ask plenty of questions - your Product Advisor is there to help!


Toyota works with Canadian Black Book to provide the estimated appraisal value of your used vehicle. When you’re ready, your Toyota dealership can provide the most accurate evaluation and make a trade-in offer.

4. Additional Things to Consider

Toyota offers a wide range of accessories, parts and services to take advantage of.


Accessories & Customization

A full range of accessories are available on virtually every Toyota vehicle. And don’t forget to include Winter Tires - they’re mandatory in some Provinces. You can even finance your accessory purchases in conjunction with your vehicle.

Servicing Your Toyota

Knowing your recommended maintenance schedule up-front helps to plan your budget accordingly. With Toyota Service Advantage +, you can trust the experts at your Toyota dealership to service your Toyota the way we build it.


Becoming a Part of the Family

At Toyota we believe in building vehicles that make our owners proud. We also believe in keeping our owners up to date and informed about our product line after their vehicle purchase through email communication. Connect with us on our Social Channels and stay informed.

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