Used Vehicles – Platinum Plan Extra Care Protection

Used Vehicles – Platinum Plan Extra Care Protection

Extra Care Protection offers inflation-protected coverage to safeguard your new Toyota against unexpected mechanical failure, road emergencies, and other mishaps. It provides a cost-effective way to guarantee peace of mind and protect your investment. By opting for ECP, you can enjoy an enhanced ownership experience and potentially boost the resale value of your Toyota in the future.

But my Toyota already has a factory warranty!

Certainly, and it's among the top options available! Nevertheless, ECP provides a broad range of additional benefits that you and your Toyota can take advantage of, such as towing, emergency road service, rental assistance, trip interruption assistance, and travel planning assistance.

Used Vehicles – Platinum Plan Extra Care Protection - Benefits

Extra Care Protection Plan Coverage

To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms. A second tow will be provided, if necessary, from an accident-reporting centre.
  • Up to $250 towing per occurrence

Up to $100 each time, for any of these services

  • boost a dead battery
  • provide key lockout service
  • deliver gas if you are stranded
  • change a flat tire
  • winching from a ditch
When you are over 300 km from home, if a covered component fails call the toll-free number. ECP assists with up to $100 a day for 3 days for a maximum of $300 per occurrence.
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Alternate transportation
Just call our toll-free number and receive your personalized travel planner which includes:
  • Highlighted road, city and vacation area maps
  • Tour and accommodation directories
  • Alternate routes and trip log
  • List of Toyota Dealers en route
  • A package listing historical sites, attractions and entertainment along the way
To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms. Simply dial our toll-free number for assistance 1-888-TOYOTA-8.
  • help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • up to $250 towing per occurrence
ECP helps get you home even if your vehicle has to stay in the shop overnight due to the failure of a covered component.
  • Up to $40 a day for a max. of 5 days rental
  • Additional 5 days if parts are on back-order
  • Up to $400 rental assistance per occurrence
  • No deductible
  • Genuine Toyota parts
  • Factory-trained Toyota technicians
  • Assured, worry-free motoring
  • Potential higher resale value
  • Protects your budget against unexpected expenses
  • Protects against the rising cost of vehicle repairs

… and it provides comprehensive mechanical protection with only a few components that are not covered. If you want additional coverage for items such as all glass, body parts (including frame), brake rotors and cables, bright and sheet metal, bumpers, catalytic converter and exhaust system, convertible tops, fog lamps, lamps, lenses, light bulbs, manual clutch disc lining, moldings, paint, pressure plate and bushings, sealed beams, seat frames, throw-out bearings, tires (36/50 only), trim, upholstery, carpet, weather strips, and wheels/wheel studs, you can choose the Platinum Plan Extra Care Protection.

Toyota's Platinum Plan Extra Care Protection program not only offers comprehensive mechanical protection, but also includes maintenance services and parts coverage. This includes adjustments for air and water leaks, belts and hoses, body parts, lubricants and filters, non-manufacturer installed accessories and glass, sheet metal, squeaks and rattles. The program also covers bumper alignment, wheel balancing and alignment, and wind noise.

To obtain comprehensive information about the coverage provided by your ECP plan, such as limitations and exclusions, it is important to consult your Toyota dealership.