New Vehicles – Gold Plan

New Vehicles – Gold Plan

Choosing the Extra Care Protection (ECP) plan is a great decision that will help to save you money in the long run! For the purchase of new vehicles, customers can opt for either the Gold Plan or the Platinum Plan.

The Extra Care Protection (Gold Plan) includes:

Oil and Filter Program

The engine in your Toyota is built to last, but in order for it to do so, regular maintenance is required. Keeping your vehicle well lubricated is very important and this service is recommended every six months or 8,000 km—whichever milestone comes first. The Oil and Filter Program included in ECP includes:

  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Air filter inspection and removal
  • Locks, latches, and hinge lubrication
  • Lights, horn, and wiper inspection
  • Coolant, brake, and washer fluid level inspection
  • Tire inspection for damage and wear

For vehicles with six month or 8,000-kilometre oil change intervals, you’ll receive four (4) complimentary oil and filter services and one tire rotation.

For vehicles with twelve month or 16,000-kilometre oil change intervals, you’re eligible for a complimentary Maintenance Service Program for two years.

Please note that in order to be eligible for the Oil and Filter Program, your ECP agreement must be in place within 31 days of your vehicle’s registration date.

Tire Road Hazard Protection

Something as simple as a nail in your tire could throw off your travel plans. Never find yourself stranded with Tire Road Hazard Protection, available for up to 36 months or 50,000 kilometres! This includes:

  • Repair or replacement of your tire(s) with 100% reimbursement
  • Installation and balancing

Emergency Road Service and Towing

ECP offers reliable Mechanical Breakdown Towing and Accident Towing services.

  • If you experience a mechanical breakdown, your vehicle will be towed to your preferred Toyota dealership within 50 kilometres, or if your preferred options are not available, the nearest Toyota dealership within 300 kilometres. You will be covered for up to $250 in towing charges for each occurrence.
  • If you are involved in an accident, your vehicle will be towed to your preferred Toyota dealership within 50 kilometres. If your preferred options are unavailable, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest Toyota dealership within 300 kilometres. If required, a second tow will be provided from an accident-reporting centre.
  • An additional $100 per occurrence will provide coverage for: boosting a dead battery, providing key lockout services, fuel delivery, flat tire changes, and ditch removal.

Vehicle Rental Assistance

If your vehicle is required to stay with us overnight, ECP ensures you can get home safely by offering rental assistance. This includes:

  • Up to $40/day coverage for a maximum five-day rental
  • An additional five days of rental if your parts are back-ordered
  • A total of up to $400 in rental assistance per occurrence

Trip Interruption Assistance

If a covered vehicle component fails while you are at least 300 kilometres from home, call the toll-free number available to you with ECP. ECP will cover up to $100/day for a maximum of 3 days for:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Alternate transportation

Travel Planning Assistance

Did you know the ECP program will help you plan a trip? Call ECP to receive a personalized travel plan with a specific route with a list of Toyota dealerships along the way; attraction, entertainment, and accommodation recommendations, and more!

Mechanical Protection

ECP provides comprehensive coverage for the protection of 17 major mechanical components and their associated parts:

  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • Body Hardware
  • Body Interior
  • Brake System
  • Cooling System
  • Electrical System
  • Engine
  • Four-Wheel Drivetrain (4WD)
  • Front/Rear Suspension
  • Front/Rear Wheel Drivetrain (FWD/RWD)
  • Fuel System
  • High Tech
  • Hybrid Components (Hybrid Vehicles Only)
  • Manual Transmission/Transaxle
  • Seals, Gaskets, Fluids, and Filters
  • Steering

ECP does not cover certain maintenance items that are considered to be a part of regular maintenance and are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. This includes: brake pads, bulbs, exhaust systems, glass, lenses, linings, mouldings, paint, trim, upholstery, etc. Further information on restrictions is included in the supplemental ECP manual.



Q: Do I need the Toyota Extra Care Protection Plan if I already have factory warranty?

A: ECP paired with factory warranty ensures peace of mind and protection of your investment. ECP can provide additional services and offers such as: the Oil and Filter Program (first four lubrications), tire road hazard protection, emergency road service, towing, rental assistance, trip interruption assistance, and travel planning assistance. When your Toyota warranty ends, ECP can provide coverage for up to seven years or 200,000 kilometres for mechanical protection.

Q: Is the Extra Care Protection Plan from Toyota transferrable?

A: The Extra Care Protection Plan for your Toyota vehicle is indeed transferrable with no charge. All you need to do is complete, sign, and return the transfer form to ECP. To be eligible, your plan must be purchased within 31 days of vehicle registration. Please note that this excludes the Oil and Filter program and the tire road hazard protection plan.