Extra Care Protection

Your Toyota is an investment that is sure to last, but when it comes to responsible ownership, it is always important to anticipate the unexpected. We recommend the Extra Care Protection (ECP) package, which guarantees the use of Genuine Toyota parts installed by factory-trained Toyota technicians.

There are many benefits to opting for ECP such as:

  • Potential higher re-sale value (most individuals looking for a pre-owned vehicle have more confidence in purchasing a car that has been serviced at an authorized dealership)
  • Protection against rising costs of vehicle repairs (choosing the ECP plan now ensures that even if prices increase tomorrow, you’ll pay today’s prices)
  • Protection against unexpected expenses
  • No deductible
  • Assured, worry-free motoring

Plans vary based on your purchase. If you have recently purchased a new vehicle, browse the Gold and Platinum plans. If you have purchased a pre-owned vehicle, browse the Comprehensive Coverage, Powertrain Coverage, and Major Component Coverage plans.

Select to learn which plan suits your needs best:

New Vehicles - Gold Plan

New Vehicles - Platinum Plan

Used Vehicles - Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Used Vehicles - Powertrain Coverage Plan

Used Vehicles - Major Component Coverage Plan

Used Vehicles – Platinum Plan Extra Care Protection