Toyota & The Community


We are committed to building a better society for Canadians by working with like-minded partner organizations and our own dealership network, to support community excellence within the pillars of education, environment, and safety.


Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds

Toyota Canada along with our dealers, have partnered with Evergreen to transform barren Canadian school grounds into natural green environments. Since this program has been launched:

  • Over 1.1 million elementary and secondary students and 93,000 teachers have directly benefited from a greening project at their school;
  • 1,335 workshops have been held to train 45,467 teachers, parents, administrators and community members in the design and implementation of outdoor classrooms and natural learning spaces;
  • 218 Toyota Dealerships across Canada have helped schools through funding or by lending a helping hand.

TIRF (Traffic Injury Research Foundation)

TIRF is Canada's road safety research institute. TIRF’s mission is to create evidence-based strategies to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the road. The Toyota Canada Foundation and TIRF have developed a comprehensive public research and education program, Brain on Board. It focuses on teaching drivers available safety features on their vehicle and how to use them.


Toyota aims to educate Canadian families about vehicle safety. The one-day kartSTART course provides youngsters – ages 10 and up – a driving experience in go-karts. Expert instructors offer an understanding behind the dynamics of driving a motorized vehicle in a monitored and closed course environment. Families also experience the Toyota Star Safety SystemTM and Toyota Safety SenseTM technology.

Want to partner with Toyota?

We’re always interested in making the world a better place. If your organization aligns with our values, we may be interested in working with you.